The Funeral

The last of the Great Journey Sacraments of the Church is the Funeral Rite. As with Baptism it is a time when we light a candle and remember the promise of new life, though clearly there is a sense of difference, there is also a marked connection.

When we speak of the new life in Christ, we speak of a life which although it has a clear beginning, it has not absolute end, it is a comma in the sentence, not the full stop. 

We believe that those who die in Christ share eternal life with him.

The Churches in the Parish are available to provide a place of dignified farewell, and commendation for the journey. If you would prefer we are able to conduct the service at the graveside, or  other chapel.

Please contact our Parish Priest to make arrangements.

May the souls of the faithful departed

through the mercy and the love of God

Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory!